A “Planet Safe” product from SEALWIZE to keep your exterior wood dry, healthy and beautiful.



Sealwize WOOD STAINING OIL is a unique blend of natural and synthetic oils linked together to replenish, revive, protect and beautify dry, cracked and severely weathered exterior wood. WOOD STAINING OIL leaves a beautifully stained, hydrophobically modified surface that provides the highest level of protection with the least amount of owner maintenance and reapplication costs.


WOOD STAINING OIL can be used to protect and beautify wood decks, fences, log homes, cedar roofs (shakes and shingles) siding, spas, gazebos, arbors, piers, docks, play sets, outdoor furniture, cedar, redwood, pine, treated lumber and any other exterior wood.


  • Made of drying and non-drying conditioning oils that penetrate deeply into wood fibers, nourishing and rejuvenating the composition of the wood.
  • Contains the highest quality trans-oxide and semi-transparent iron oxide pigments available, thereby reducing the damaging effects of harsh UV rays.
  • Utilizes the latest state-of-the-art UV inhibitors to further protect the surface from harmful UV rays and keep the color uniform longer.
  • Contains the latest available fungicides and algaecides to aid in preventing mold, algae and fungal attack that causes wood to decay and turn gray on the surface.
  • Micro-porous formulation allows the wood to breathe, preventing moisture from getting trapped inside and causing wood rot.
  • Extremely easy touch-up or recoat. Does not create a “film” across the surface of the wood which eliminates the need for caustic strippers, sanding or high pressure washing before re-coating or touch-up.
  • Highly effective water repelling components inhibit water penetration, thereby decreasing the damage associated with warping, swelling and cupping.
  • Can be applied in direct sunlight and at any temperature above 40° F.
  • VOC compliant.

Sealwize Wood Staining Oil is a Contractor Grade product developed specifically for Extreme Climate Conditions.


  • Will not crack, peel, chip or flake off.
  • Beads water so you know it’s working.
  • Nourishes and protects deep into wood fibers.
  • Perfect where extreme wind, rain, snow or high elevations exist.
  • Protected and maintained wood fibers remain supple, thus, avoiding the major cause of cracking.
  • Semi-transparent finish enhances the natural beauty of wood allowing the grain, texture, and color variations within the wood to show through.
  • Ideal for all types of exterior wood.
  • Available in six (6) semi-transparent colors.


Service life of any exterior wood sealer, stain, paint or varnish always depends on the condition of the surface prior to restoration and the level of weathering it will experience. In general, you have to take a shorter reapplication time into account when:

  1. Surfaces are exposed to extreme weathering such as southern exposure, heavy, continuous snow pack, long rainy seasons and long periods of extreme heat and humidity.
  2. Surfaces receive little or no annual cleaning to remove grit, dirt and acid build up.
  3. Wood was severely weathered or cracked prior to restoration.

Testing has shown WOOD STAINING OIL to have a potential service life of 2-3 years on horizontals and 3-4 years on vertical surfaces. Heavy wear areas may need a slight reapplication toward the end of its normal service life. Sealwize WOOD STAINING OIL is easily reapplied to these worn areas by washing the surface, allowing it to dry and lightly applying additional stain. It is always best to touch-up areas where color has worn off before the exposed wood turns gray.