Weather Barrier for Exotic Hardwoods

SEALWIZE WBT is a “state-of-the-art” wood treatment developed specifically to beautify and protect exotic hardwoods from premature UV graying and water damage. WBT also incorporates a strong mildewcide that resists mildew growth on the surface finish. WBT’s translucent natural wood colors help maintain that “like new” appearance on new wood and restores weathered wood to its original, natural look. Because of its long-term water beading and water repelling qualities, WBT outperforms traditional water or oil based sealers and stains.


SEALWIZE WBT’s Modified Acrylic-Alkyd Hybrid Dispersion Technology is the next generation in water-borne technology. Alkyd dispersions are sub-micron particles of acrylic-alkyd copolymer resin dispersed in water. These “nano” particles are able to penetrate deep into the highly dense, difficult-to-seal, fibers of exotic hardwoods providing superior adhesion for longer protection. WBT provides superior performance over solvent, oil or water-based sealers without the negative environmental and health issues associated with traditional wood stains and sealers. WBT has a near-zero VOC content, making it the “Greenest” product of its kind in the U.S.


SEALWIZE WBT is specifically formulated to protect and beautify Ipe’, IronWood, Mahogany, Brazilian Redwood, Massaranduba, Meranti, Paw Lupe, Teak and other species of exotic hardwoods. WBT may also be used to protect high tannin woods such as Redwood and Cedar. Cypress and Pressure-Treated Lumber may also be treated with SEALWIZE WBT.


  • Unequalled durability due to superior adhesion
  • Outlasts and outperforms oil stains
  • High-tech UV blockers resist fading
  • Breathable. Allows water vapor to escape, which helps prevent wood rot
  • Resists mold and mildew on its surface finish
  • Contains No Ozone Depleting Compounds
  • Proven to hold up under the most severe environmental conditions
  • Hardened finish is scuff resistant
  • Extremely durable in high-traffic areas
  • Can be tinted to a wide range of translucent colors to enhance wood grain and texture



SEALWIZE WBT beautifies and protects
wood with translucent, natural wood colors
in a matte finish to reveal exotic woods beautiful grain and texture.

“The new modified acrylic/alkyd hybrid dispersion technology is the highest performing, lowest VOC technology ever developed.”

Dr. E. K. Martin
Technical Chemist
Cray Valley UK