LithiSeal Concrete Sealer, Hardener & Densifier

A “Green Chemistry” Advanced Lithium Silicate Technology to restore, maintain and protect concrete materials and structures from the inside…out!


How Concrete Sealing WorksLithiSeal is a highly self-reactive water-based lithium sealer that contains no VOCs or solvents. It is designed to deeply penetrate and react within the substrate on a molecular level. LithiSeal actually fuses with the substrate, filling up macro and micro spaces within the substrate, resulting in long term protection against water penetration.

Once the process is complete, the effect is irreversible, creating virtually permanent water resistance of the substrate. Once LithiSeal is fully dried it is virtually unaffected by salt spray and chemical attack, preventing most surface deterioration caused by repeated applications of ice melting salts. LithiSeal also reduces or eliminates most types of efflorescence and helps prevent damaging surface Alkali-Silica Reaction (ASR).

LithiSeal was developed for any application where long-term durability and extreme water protection are required.


Lithiseal Concrete Sealing School



  • Prevents rain from penetrating the surface within one hour of application
  • It’s like hi-tech rain gear for your concrete; repels water from the top yet allows water-vapor to escape through the substrate
  • Apply to dry, new or old, rough or smooth surfaces
  • Quickly beads water so you know it’s been applied and is working
  • Treated surface is easier to clean and stays cleaner longer; makes snow removal easier
  • Seals, hardens and strengthens in one easy step when applied to clean concrete
  • Resists mildew, fungus and mold growth
  • Retards flaking, spalling and other serious surface disintegration due to freeze-thaw
  • Unaffected by long-term exposure to UV rays, ozone, driving rain and temperature extremes
  • No maintenance or reapplication costs every few years
  • Remains effective as long as the substrate remains intact
  • Deeper protection than “film forming” surface sealers
  • Will not crack, peel or flake off like many acrylic sealers
  • Will not harm the environment or the people who handle it, unlike sealers containing organic solvents

Lithiseal Water Repellent Deck Sealer