Why seal your concrete, flagstone, pavers or masonry, and why seal it with Sealwize™?

Sealing your concrete with Sealwize™:

  • Prevents surface deterioration from starting or getting worse due to freeze/thaw & Mag Chloride.
  • Tightened surface pores means snow and ice cannot attach itself so removal is easier.
  • Significantly increases structural and compressive strength, reducing likelihood of cracking.
  • Provides easier cleanup of spills and fluid leaks from vehicles.


These problems look familiar? Finally something that really works!
Planet-safe, green products by Sealwize™.


Concrete Sealant Prevents Cracking


Concrete is a man-made, 100% mineral-based, inorganic, “green” building material. In most cases, it is durable, while not particularly attractive, and long lasting. So, why is maintenance necessary? There are two major reasons:

Faulty Construction Practices

The most common concrete problems are: blisters, cracking, crazing, curling, delamination, discoloration, dusting, efflorescence, low spots, popouts, scaling or spalling. When a blemish appears on the surface of a concrete slab it will likely be the result of faulty construction practices. These faulty construction practices account for over 85% of all damaged, unsightly concrete driveways and walkways.

The Natural Characteristics of Concrete

Concrete, even though it’s extremely hard, is a big gray sponge (hygroscopic) that will absorb almost anything that comes in contact with it. Most things it absorbs either causes unsightly stains, or penetrates the surface (such as water) causing internal damage that eventually become obvious at the surface. Deicing salts and freeze/thaw cycles also cause severe surface deterioration. Once deterioration starts, it is difficult to stop and impossible to reverse!


Concrete Sealing is Long Lasting


Protect Your Investment – properly maintaining exterior concrete significantly improves its looks, thereby enhancing the value and appearance of any property.


To the left we show old concrete being sealed with Sealwize™. Any further deterioration will stop. On the right we show the results of new concrete after it has been sealed with Sealwize™.


With & Without Concrete Sealer