Winter snow and rain is actually acidic due to pollutants travelling in the air around the world!  What does this mean for your wood deck?  The acidic content is at work as we speak slowly eating away at the finish.

What can you do?  Either wash it off yourself or have a professional such as Sealwize™ come by and properly clean it.  Also check with an eye dropper of water to see if water is penetrating into the wood surface or cracks.  Or we can check it for you.  Water penetration ends up causing great damage through freeze/thaw cycles, dimensional changes in the wood, and general deterioration.  There is a reason why your wood kitchen cabinets will not deteriorate… they are not getting wet continually!  If you can keep your wood deck consistently repelling water and at below 20% moisture content, it should last virtually indefinitely.

If your deck is absorbing water like a sponge it means that the type of stain you have been using probably has not been doing a good job repelling water.  Indeed, most wood deck stains actually are not water repellants.  Putting on the same stuff again will end up with the same results. Sealwize Zr44 is a phenomenal sealant; learn more on our website.  It’s like high-tech raingear for your wood deck…and breathable!  Our state-of-the-art water repellants with a 125-year pedigree are manufactured by Sealwize and applied only by trained  Licensed Sealwize™ Independent Contractors.